Meet Dr. Ottaway

I did not realize that I wanted to pursue dentistry until the end of my second year in college at the University of Michigan. My father is a vascular surgeon and my mother an innate artist. I carried with me both an interest in medicine, and a love for painting, drawing and knitting. I was influenced by a friend of my father who is a dentist. He told me that you have to be an artist to be a cosmetic dentist. I loved the idea of creating and enhancing a beautiful smile for people. A person's smile is so important. Dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in particular are a perfect blend of both medicine and art. I continued my studies at the University of Michigan and received my dental degree in 1994. I have been practicing for over nineteen years. I am a member of the American Dental Association, Michigan Dental Association and American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

My ultimate passion in dentistry is cosmetic. Nevertheless, I have learned to love all aspects of dentistry. I have learned that what I love most about my profession is the people that I have encountered over the years. I love the friends that I have developed. I love to hear their stories and  meet their family. I also love to establish a trust with my patients where I can provide for them a superior oral health. FOR OVER 10 YEARS-From July 2008-July2020 I was voted a Top Doc in the southeast Michigan area by Hour magazine. I am so honored !  I was also voted topdoc by Styleline magazine 2011-2014. This was especially an honor as my professional peers voted for me.

I have dedicated a lot of my studies in the field of dentistry on the comfort of my patients. I know there is a lot of fear that may come with visiting a dental office. I went back to the University of Michigan to get my licence to provide IV sedation for my patients. I have also taken extra courses to provide patients with oral sedation medications. Nitrous Oxide gas is available for all patients as well. Ultimately, we pride ourselves with a maternal nuturing that comes naturally. Many of our fearful  patients who started with IV sedation have weaned to the use of nitrous oxide or no extra medications at all.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. Please know that you are always welcome to visit our office. Call us at (313) 886-WELL and we will be happy to schedule a visit or answer any questions you may have.


I am a knitting fanatic! I actually have a book with pictures of most of my knitting projects in our reception room. I invite all of my patient knitters to bring pictures or patterns to our office for a patient file!

I am not athletically inclined, however I am a runner. I ran the Detroit Free Press marathon in 2005 and qualified to run the Boston marathon.I also ran the half Marathon in 2013 and came in 8th place in my age group! It will be a while before I run another full marathon, but I do continue to run as it keeps me happy, healthy and sane!